Brief Exchange #3

About Brief Exchange:

Brief Exchange is a group graphic design | illustration | photography | art exhibition that invites its participants to compose a brief; to be exchanged with another participant’s brief at random.

The aim of Brief Exchange is to give creative people an opportunity to develop and promote their own work without the limitations often created by clients’ feedback and money. The show also aims to create a network for creative people who might not know each other yet. Brief Exchange has been set up and is curated by Noeleen Doheny.

The first show was printed and ran in two venues, one in Cork and the other in Dublin. The second show is solely exhibited online on the Brief Exchange website and on facebook

Dee’s brief was


and her response was


Responding to a brief to create a poster for The Beatles song A Day in The Life I was determined to stay away from the usual psychedelic  look or indeed collage a la Sir Peter Blake. Instead I wanted to respond in a more abstract manner. With ideas initially inspired by the Bjork Biophillia project and the image has been created by photographing patterns formed by the bass vibrations of the song.

Micks brief was


and his response was ‘An assension of larks mice’